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Prototype cover of Kitchen MagazineKitchen Magazine is your source for Food, Entertaining and Design.

Today more than ever, the kitchen is at the center of our lives. Whether we’re at home or away, our food experiences are the essence of what it means to be human. The process of creating and sharing meals defines cultures. Our kitchens are at the heart of our homes. Our best experiences are heightened with eating, drinking and being together.

The promise of Kitchen Magazine is a community that brings more of these experiences into our lives. You’ll learn more about food, like how to source and prepare great meals, plus how other cultures around the world eat. You’ll see what makes a great place to share food, be it at a large, formal dining table or standing in your own kitchen with a snack. We’ll bring all of this together through entertaining — the stuff that makes sharing food in our special places most memorable.

Together we’ll make our kitchens better — one bite at a time.


— The Editors